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TESY is one of the leading European producers of electric storage water heaters, indirectly heated water tanks, electric heating appliances and heat pump solutions.
In the last decade TESY showed a rapid development and introduced to the world a wide range of cutting-edge products and patented solutions that meet the current requirements for energy efficiency and environmental protection.
The company continues its growth by investing in the latest technologies, production capacity and new products.

Since October 2017, TESY has been an official member of the EHPA (European Heat Pump Association), which aims to provide technical and financial support to European, national and local authorities on legislative, regulatory and energy efficiency matters.
TESY is also member of the European Technical Commission, that works directly on the development of European regulations regarding energy efficiency, for which we carry out laboratory tests and analyses of electric water heaters in order to verify and validate the methodology, described in the European regulations.



Electric Water Heaters

  • Next-generation electric water heaters, combining modern design and eco-friendly smart technology.

  • TESY water heaters have been developed for failsafe, long-term and reliable operation in households supplied with hard and highly mineralized and/or aggressive water.

  • A wide range of elegant electric water heaters providing hot household water to several points of use at a time. 

  • Electric convector heaters ensure faster room heating and lower electricity costs.

  • TESY offers wide range of electric convector heaters, including models with easy and intuitive Internet control, multiple energy saving and security option.

  • Innovative air purifying function AirSafe, incorporated in some of the models, improve your home hygiene by exterminating 98% viruses and bacteria in the heated area.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module for control over the Internet, for the Cloud series electric convectors.

CN06 1400 SCENE v1.0 _2560px.jpg
  • It is an environmentally friendly product, operating with renewable energy sources resulting in lower CO2 emissions*.

  • The highest energy efficiency class A+ in its category, according to ErP regulations.

  • Up to 75% lower electricity consumption**.

  • Can be connected to other renewable energy sources like PV and solar systems or boilers.

  • Programmable with an user friendly control panel.

  • Automatic anti-legionella cycle.

  • Self-diagnostic system.

*According to the European Market and Statistical Report on the European Heat Pump Association 2018.

**Compared to a TESY product of the MaxEau family GCV 200 56 20 D06 SRC in Energy class C

UK Distributor of TESY products

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